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image-2Welcome to the BOD’s on-line
ling-Cabinet in the clouds;
~~~Offerings of this & that;
~~~Architecture of shared awareness;
~~~Musings, inspirations, follies, etc. 

Thanks to a major re-design of all sites, wings & annexes, some topic areas now have new domains, i.e., sites of their own, including       
with all that’s on Eco-Zone page here, plus more recent. 
MAPA Center for Maps, Atrium, Poetry & Art galleries.

The new MAPA CENTER & Eco-Wing partially replace the Bod Center site you’re at now, but not entirely. While a few topic pages have considerable content over-lap on old & new sites (e.g., “gifts from everywhere,” some musical uploads), others have little to none beyond genre (e.g., album snaps). Home pages are somewhere in between.

In most cases, the new MAPA Center & Eco-Wing have more current material, with contents more recently uploaded than at the Old Bod Center. Though all prior Eco Zone materials were copied to the new Eco Wing (which also has new material not found here), most topic areas have entirely different materials on each site–old & new Centers have their own poetry, album-snaps, & special features, for example. 

In appreciation of the new fractal architecture, each site also has its own disorientation program, some inevitably out of date. Getting lost in one may help you find what you didn’t realize you were looking for in another.

Each site has its own menu for open topic “rooms” (& from which you can single-click to any other open room on that site from any other).

You can click from one Bod Library site to another on any Home page (& at times in places where a particular link is relevant). [If you end up in Kansas, you have clicked too far or not far enough.]     

MAP 1: You’ve reached # the sign at the entrance; # a map room with a view of itself; # the center of the known [poetry, ecology & art] universe; # the mirror at the heart of the world; # the peripheral edge of…where you are now

          Bod Center []

This site holds maps, orientation & self-reference rooms; eco-zone explorations, &  featured arts.  Click on page-menu for areas of interest. Related rooms are stacked on menus [parent & children], with any room reachable from any


FROM HERE, you can:

a) Scroll down for more on THIS PAGE.

b) Click to OTHER PAGES on this site for particular genres or interest areas, e.g.,  Aldo’s Eco Zone for most recent “Seeds of Thought” (ecological essays); Poetry/Music rooms (for guess what?). Any room is reachable from any other on the same site.

c) Click links to OTHER WINGS & annexes in the Bod L-O-L Complex for the new MAPA Center, Maps-Atrium-Poetry-Arts; for the ecological ABC’s, Seeds of Thought, etc.; for game theory & strategic thinking; for Bod College courses, e.g., STEWPA 101… for posts & pages in the History Annex; for Annex for Humor & Media….

Feel free to noodle around the different wings, annexes, gardens, exhibits, scroll rooms, bottomless pages….

  • Due to a technical glitch, we’ve lost contact with, our previous Basho Wing, the address for which automatically re-directs back to here. We’re working on a new & improved Basho Wing, and will let you know when it’s ready for friends.
  • A more limited glitch with how the old “” game-theory site, displays on some platforms has caused us to close it & open the new, replacement instead.
  • All sites should be considered “IN PASSING,” &/or “IN PROGRESS,” at various stages of roughness, fine tuning, de-bugging, & (in-)completeness.
    ~~~~little by little/ the slug oozes out the track/ of its journey
  • Who knows where it’s going? Sometimes it’s enough just to ooze along. But then we want “better.” Thus the new site designs, color schemes, & experimental virtual architecture, poly-tetrahedral natural cathedral skylights, stained glass mirrors, open windows, grassy gardens, aviary ambience, & sporadically reshuffled card catalog.

d) CHECK OUT STAFF NEWSLETTERS, used mainly to test new templates in Apple’s Pages program, chock full of photos–you’ll see why we never sent the last 3 out.
~   Silver Linings 1 (fall 2015):
~~~~~Silver Linings 1 (9-24-15)
~~B’Odd News 3 (winter 2015-2016)
~~Bod College News 2 (spring 2016)
~~The Daily Bod (Nov. 9, 2016)
~~No News Magazine 1 (Jan. 2017)

e) Click links to other recommended sites.

f) COME BACK OFTEN–you shouldn’t expect to exhaust what a library has to offer in a single visit, no matter how exhausted you may be by the end of a session. (“As often as come back, there’s always more to do.”–Self-reference librarian Yours Crudely)


Featured on this site (Bod Center): 

(Aldo’s) Eco Zone: has most recent “Seeds of Thought” (more or less quarterly, from la voz del refugio), including “Seeds of Resiliency” (March 2017); “Kinship with Magic” (Oct. 2016); All of the above–& then some” (June 2016); “The Trans-local Mind in Migration” (Dec. 2015-March 2016);  “Thinking like a planet” (Sept. 2015); “A Net with Many Moving Centers,” + “Ripples” re Basho’s last poem (June 2015); “Spring again” (March 2015); “Interplay” (Dec. 2014); “What the birds have to say (Sept. 2014); each with follow-ups original here. [Stacked “rooms” have earlier Seeds & adventures….]

Rolling On: the wagon years

Rolling On: the wagon years

Music & Poetry: contains a sordid assortment of lines on the fly, birds & the bees, an ecology of poetry, & the short attention span suspension bridge tournament…, plus

Rolling On: the wagon yearsall 17 tracks, originally recorded March 19, 2003.

(Here’s a sample from right smack in the middle.)

Track 9: Night on the Prairie

Gifts from everywhere: offers lines from Aurobindo, Kitty Houghton, Rilke, Rumi, Rabindranath, Oaxaca…

Hai! Snaps!!: gets our little word-snaps from Inspiration log, with some photos, plus an occasional haibun (e.g., “Welcome to Inspiration”; “On Seasons & Tricksters”) or related prose riffs.

In the Galleries at the moment: photos of vrb artwork; gv’s crane-kata, assorted shadows.

Mapping the whole Bod Library-On-Line Complex:

[As discussed above, the L-O-L Complex is undergoing major renovation & expansion, with new wings & annexes for Basho, Alice-in-absentia, Insight Games &…stay tuned for what promises to be a mind-boggling architecture of multiply linked sites. What’s below may or may not be out-of-date, or superseded by new maps.]

In the meanwhile, the following descriptions of the Bod Complex may illustrate both the TMIP/ Too Much Information Principle & the TLIP/ Too Little In Practice at the same time. Why not do some actual exploring instead? How lost can you get?]  

~~~~~ The Bod Complex

vrb-1h-Mycellium SceneMore or less variably mid-way between Oedipus, superiority & inferiority complexes, the Bod L-O-L Complex as a whole consists of a palace of the mind with branching wings, annexes, gardens, & chewable nougat centers, each movable area featuring its own genres & special topics, plus rooms & pages in varying stages of incompletion, a state of the art “drop inn” laugh-therapy clinic, mime memorial auditorium, mirror-times-mirror absinthe-on-ice performance space & hole museum.

Wings & annexes can be reached by links on networked home pages & where topics over-lap. Clicking to a networked site should open a new window for navigating within that wing or annex, without losing your connection with where you started.     

The Abject Fellow of Perpetual Apology would have us ask for your forbearance at the rough state of some copy, chagrined at how many drafts it can take to make even the straightforward & simple seem intelligible, clear & concise, let alone funny. A smarter L-O-L (Librarian-On-Locoweed) might have closed rooms (“pages”) that weren’t done, or at least ready for prime eyes, but our “ready-or-not” philosophy believes that, in our case at least, things are rarely, if ever, done. Where they’re not done, we’re more likely to notice (& take some action) noodling in an open room–or responding to someone who has.

Although the Bod’s virtual librarians don’t necessarily assume readers, especially for any specific materials, they are pleased when someone responds, potentially shifting attention to areas of shared interest accordingly. Unlike most other libraries, ours contains mostly
materials: a) available nowhere else; b) custom written; c) re-written as re-read; d) caught in the act of being corrected; e) taking up no space at all.

You are presumably reading this (if not, let us know) in the Bod L-O-L’s original site’s home room. Below is a detailed list of sites & rooms up (or planned), including new wings, annexes, galleries, & gardens in the Bod’s site-network. Not everything listed is necessarily up, while not all things up are necessarily listed (let alone readable, as with most libraries). Suggestions appreciated; otherwise, we progress slowly, if at all, while life races on in speeded-up time-lapse. [But please save your junk ads, including those promising the gazillion readers we deserve. The one(s) we have may be more than enough.]          Bod Center

Bod Library’s original on-line site holds orientation rooms; ecological explorations; poetry/music; art bird galleries, mop closets, etc.

Map (Home page to site & complex)
Aldo’s Eco Zone (eco-reflections, current Seeds, plus)
More Seeds & Archives (Voz articles & follow-ups)
—Going Deeper (exploring conservation dynamics)
Poetry/Music (featured selections)
Gifts from everywhere (a global legacy)
Hai!  (over the Short Attention Span Bridge)
—Dragon Mt. Transl. Soc. (“Issa’s Story”–soon?)
Art Bird Gallery (some bird & art gallery links?)
Self-reference rooms with views of themselves–
—M-A-S  (More on pages, About the bod, Special collections)
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~  ~~~~~~ HA History Annex

This site has a lot of new Posts, besides election riffs in need of purging, there’s: Chief Wahoo; Alice–the little girl at 150; Inverse at Princeton–von Neumann’s dog; plus personal accounts like Peace Corps–India 37, triggered by the Missouri reunion (Sept. 2015), & WHRB–my short, active life, in honor of the station’s 75th (Oct. 2015). The Home page, with its endless scroll, has all the posts.

The site also has  pages (“rooms”) dedicated to special topics & periods (e.g., “History, Time & Mind” & “the Sixties”). Here’s a more or less full list.

Home Posts  (Menus, Current Issues, Serious Play, Crazy Jazz…)
About (a post-post home-room, on site & network)
History–time & mind (on the nature of)
 —60s… (intersections of personal, national & planetary history)
—50s… (bits from Richardson Archives, re Nevada’s ‘Ox-Bow Affair’)
History–presence & performance {living & interpretive; artifact & place}
Chautauqua tonight! {personal exploration of the form, not up yet}
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~ GAMES Wing [under reconstruction] includes focus on Games, Adventures in understanding, a Master Class in writing & thinkingMarket Modeling, & Educational Surprise, with discussions of game theory, directions for a few awareness-expanding adventures, & designs-in-progress for original games.

Menu-page Posts (e.g., “Golden Balls”)
Applications (on games, play & learning)
Adventures in understanding (solve the password)
—–Aha ! breakthroughs (ditto for entry)
—–Master Class (writing & thinking)
Nature-connecting Games (“Thinking like a Mountain experiment”)
—–The Ultimate Advantage Game (key features & findings)

[Still to come: “Publications & Productions” for supplies; games & game materials; audios; books; cards; arts. ]
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~               BASHO Wing [under re-construction]

Will open with orientation to the oku-no-hosomichi, Basho’s great trail book, newly translated as Backcountry Ways, & then head beyond–with a Trail Companion Guide, plus follow-up adventures exploring Basho’s inner work; haikai values, forms & genresembedded games & teachings; key terms & concepts; the joys of translation; etc.

[Being spotty about getting already written material up, signs of reader-interest can help re-focus attention, boost motivation, & adjust priorities.]

Basho’s World (home, intro)
—Why Basho
Backcountry Ways [not up yet]
—Trail Companion Guide
The Joys of Translation
—Key Terms…
& Beyond (inner aspects)
Going Deeper
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~  Perverse Annex for Humor & Media

Through special arrangement with our parent, MAPA Systems, a sole proprietorship registered in the state of New Mexico since 1979, the Bod Library has been designated an official Mirror Times Mirror Company Archival Depositary of Last Resort; Stuff; All the Stuff that Fits; Stuff-what-doesn’t-fit (here or elsewhere); plus articles, broadcasts, coming attractions, excerpts, ads & deletions from publications of members of the Dang Ling Inverse Peninsula Independent Press Association (DLIPIPA).

Also called the Mishugunah Peninsula, home of the Lost Inn Peninsula Independent Press Assoc. (LIP-IPA), members include (but aren’t limited to) The Mirror-Times-Mirror Company, & its various associates, affiliates & subsidiaries; Bao Lo’s Half Bakery (publishers of time-life-&-fortune cookies); Dick’s Handy Random Pocket Pinhead Dictionary Encyclopedia Atlas Directory; The Off-the-Wall’s Treat Urinal; Bent Franklin’s Printshop (home of Pobre Ricardo’s Almaniak & The Lightning Rod); The Mayan Mirror Times Mirror Stone Water Expresso Cloud Telegraph, & more other fine outfits than we can shake our rain-shticks at.

The great agronomist Isaac Figs once observed “A portrait of the Mishugunah might as well be composed of random snapshots, reflections, ads, mirrors & media excerpts, with an occasional helping of composted fruit served chilled at the lip of the Bottomless Abyss, as no coherent chronology, historical geography, or socio-economic rationalization does it more justice, captures its peculiarity, or seems to make any more sense.”

While you’re there, you can sign a waiver at the Centre for Disorientation & Dizziness, test yourself for lack of comprehension deficiency anemia, & enjoy all the benefits of available memory loss without affordable care. Testing the premise that “truth is stranger than fiction” against the negative scientific claim that “you can’t prove a double negative,” the already forked mirror-times-mirror sites have been compared to a vast, multi-dimensional portrait of the contemporary world being assembled mosaically out of mirror-time-shards.

Please let us know if you want more or less of anything…. If you don’t find what you were  looking for in the Bod’s L-O-L (Library-On-Locoweed) network: a)  contact us by email (c/o; b) leave comments at bottom of pages that have boxes; c) come back & try again as materials are put up, taken down, & re-baked as often as re-reading makes necessary; d) you’re nuts; e) you’re not looking in the right place, in the right way, at the right time; f) you may not know what you were looking for until you find it–0r it finds you, whichever comes first (i.e., last).

Materials are often written as they go up, &/or re-written, as here, each attempt to clarify & complete a small step forward–even when it seems the reverse, as when words are added before being re-read, edited, & re-written with as many deletions as necessary. In fact, we delete more than we add, yet the library keeps on growing even so. A poor method, maybe, but the best we got.

We wish we were clearer sooner, but will keep on trying for later where necessary, as often astounded by how much room remains for improvement. That’s part of the point, to keep on sharpening the tips. Add to that the possibility of sharing with old friends &/or new readers, companions in this &/or across lives, along with whatever offerings the muses may offer &/or receive along the way. Put these all together and they become Yours Crudely’s personal therapy.

~~~~~~~You can pry my pen
~~~~~from my cold, dead hand–or don’t,
~~~~~~~~~~I’ll send you a note
rb (i)

Composed on the keyboard on the fly, much of the work remains pen-less even so, as well as without by-line, as the editorial WE does our best to disappear into the work, thought & flow, like a photographer who keeps fingers & thumbs from blocking the lens–but is occasionally caught in reflections nevertheless, or even moments of distorted self-portraiture, as here.

A leg-end in his own mind, our beloved editor-typist-proofreader web-master & humble servant of the muse, Yours Crudely (also known as “the scribbler,” “da dabbler,” & “el ricardo catalog“) used to believe himself an actual person, more or less like you, with by-line, poetic license, & posthumous autobiography in progress, as well as nicknames, pen-names, aliases, pseudonyms, & multiple email addresses (e.g., & As this is written, he’s serving as acting head of the Self-reference Department & the Bod l-o-l’s “More-On-Club.” More on these later.

Presumably, he/we/I can count on your standards being low enough, there is some chance of meeting or even exceeding them, a least occasionally. Otherwise, please remember that the Bod Library Complex (along with the whole Dang Peninsula & its Independent Press Association) operates mainly as a one-mind shop (a.k.a. as a one-mime stop).

Unless otherwise indicated, the work may be attributed to Yours Crudely, Staff, or any of their handy pen-names (Willy Quill, Pobre Ricardo…), dba entities (Dicks’s Handy Random Pocket Dictionary, Boastful Advertising, The Mirror-Times-Mirror Review), AKA–Acronyms, Kafka-numbers & Abbrevs (rb, dba, sob, bs, oui, icu…). Many others may be implicated & considered guilty by disassociation, but no one else can be blamed.

You can reach Yours Crudely & Associates c/o:, or
Bod Library c/or
Storage drop-down closets & rooms are sometimes closed for your safety & convenience. A few on some sites need a password, to spare you buckets & mops, protect you from falling skylights, &/or for loftier reasons–e.g., in one case, getting in is part of the game. (Hint “a” = “simplest, first, neither number, nor cap.”) Contact us for more hints if needed.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~MTMI ZONE~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Information Sinkhole: orientation room under welcome mat


“As ahead, so behind!” –Bao Lo

[The rest of the TMI Zone has been moved to its own page & locked in a mop closet.]
Note: header photo © 2014 by Gita Bodner, from Library of Congress.

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