VRB Gallery

[There’s a brand new “Alice’s Inn Gallery” (with some of the same old works re-hung) at the new MAPA CENTER WWW.BOD-LIBRARY.NET.]

Here are a few of Virginia’s newer bits & pieces.





Brain scans?  seen from within, in whatever orientation.

[Not sure why some images that seem to show up right on some platforms come out in wrong orientation on others, e.g. on our older iPad. In some cases, any way works. In others, the upload makes its own less-than-ideal crop from the scan or photo.]

For this next group, click on image for full-size view, from which you can click back & forth image to image at full size. (We’ll try slideshow viewing if/when we figure it out.)


[Surprisingly, “Anniversary Dancers,” at far lower right (just above) shows in wrong orientation as a thumbnail, but displays in the right orientation clicked on to full size!]

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