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Page descriptions can go quickly out of date, like notes to paths reached more directly by clicking on the pages themselves. Why bother with notes when the pages are so close, unless you’re: a) on our More On list; b) a member of our More On Club; c) interested in an overview to clarify intentions left uncertain by current page content; d) hoping notes have more value than (&/or add value to) pages described.

Sorry for any confusion caused by pages changing names, content, status &/or site location, preferably as pages & organization become clearer, sometimes rendering prior descriptions out of date unless & until we get back.


Aldo’s Eco Zone, named for the great whole-system thinker Aldo Leopold, holds our ecological reflections, including the most current “Seeds of Thought” [from La Voz del Refugio, quarterly of Friends of Las Vegas National Wildlife Refuge)] along with explorations beyond the newsletter scope. Other rooms hold More Seeds (+ Afterthoughts) & Seeds ArchiveGoing Deeper focuses on a few fundamentals of conservation & the human-nature interface .

Poetry/Music holds currently featured selections from prior production & some more recent scribbling, including excerpts from album recordings (“Like Water”; “Rolling On”) & howler songs (rainforest elegies from Mayan sacred sites, 1990),with lower-down “rooms” for “Gifts from everywhere,”  timeless touchstone & tuning-fork poems from Tagore, Basho, Rilke, Rumi, etc.; “Hai!” (snaps for a short attention span); & translations in progress (e.g., “Issa’s Story,” soon).

Dragon Mountain Translation Society is no longer home to our Basho project, which now has its own site,, where our final translation of Basho’s oku no hosomichi will be going up as part of Backcountry Ways–& Beyond, the latter including a Trail Companion’s Guide, introductory discussions & in-depth essays on aspects of Basho, language, the challenges & joys of translation, plus consideration of the work’s “inner aspects,” some hidden in plain sight for three centuries.

[The new translation represents a vast improvement over our two previously published versions (rendered as Narrow Road through the Backcountry) in 2nd & 3rd editions of The Bedford-St, Martin’s World Lit Anthology, neither of which had our expanded notes, layered coverage, suitable page design, or later improvements to the verse renderings.]

We’re still planning to put up (somewhere between soon & forever) “Issa’s Dewdrop World,” our field-tested inter-active poetry story based on the life of the haiku poet most loved by children. [While the leader tells Issa’s somewhat sad life story from the outside (“he” & “him”), the children take turns reciting his moving haiku at points indicated, in effect telling the story from the inside, as Issa.]

Art Bird Gallery  holds our art & bird galleries, plus links to other galleries, films, images, slide shows, & photographers. Videos currently include Gus’ downloads on Hawaiian birds & aikido. (We’ll  add some of his own bird photos & Gita’s jumping spiders as we can, plus a link to “Phoebe’s Home Movie,” a local avian film from PeacePal Productions, for which we helped shlock up the script.)

Susan Middleton’s website link should connect you to her Archipelago & Evidence for Evolution collections, plus her Hermit Crab film & “Spineless,” a recent show at the San Francisco Airport (to become a book in 2014). The mind-boggling beauty of biological  forms presented with photographic translucency make more than eyeballs glow. You can also access Kim Kirkpatrick’s video of Susan’s United World College presentation, “Endless forms most beautiful,” with Gita’s introduction.

MAS: More on pages; About the bod; & Special collections owe their order here to the motto–“Toss no mas.” Otherwise, it might have made more sense to have arranged them alphabetically. About the bod is about what it says; Special collections considers the library’s physical realm.

The More on pages page (right here), on the other hand, has just been re-read & found wanting, with a first 5,000-word deletion to improve it. (Chalk points up for less is more, as well as better.) Writing more on the More on pages page might seem superfluous, if not doubly redundant, for those who have read this far were it not for the irony of Russell’s Paradox, about a page that contains a copy of all pages (including itself).

One downside of a “More on this, More on that” approach is long-windedness, with steep dips in what is already an uneven & irregular  quality. (How else can you get peaks?) The silver lining of being UP prematurely (possibly aluminum foil) is that the culprit who put it up  eventually re-reads it, &, punishment enough, re-writes it (again & again, as long as necessary or possible). We much re-writing, de-writing & un-writing, we seem to achieve most by deletion & ellipses….

“We delete far more than we add–& yet, the volume of material grows.”


BASHO WING: The pages at, Basho’s world, should speak well enough for themselves, without adding extra here. They include a new & breakthrough translation of Basho’s masterpiece, as Backcountry Ways, our Trail Companion Guide, the Joys of Translation, & Inner Aspects revealed as never before.
HA HISTORY ANNEX: has a home-page for all sorts of POSTS (current issues, just play, market reflection, etc.), plus  PAGES on History–time & mind; the Sixties; the 50s (based on Frank Richardson’s Nevada Archives); history as presence (land, artifact & interpretation); & Chautauqua (“creative conversation”).

[The Frank Richardson Archive includes original documents, legal briefs, participant letters, notes & later presentations related to events in Nevada’s university showdown, featuring an academic lynching & historic citizen response for the soul of university and community whose core values were under attack. Before moving the archive (probably to UNR in Reno), we want to offer some discussion here, based on our knowledge of the documents, relationship with participants, and personal study.

The documents themselves include both national and Nevada media clippings, as well as correspondence between Frank and both attorneys and friends, most notably Walter van Tilburg Clark, author The Ox-Bow Incident, who resigned from his university job in protest, bringing the issue to public attention. The Ox-Bow Incident, Clark’s masterpiece on what it takes to make justice work, sheds light on these & surprisingly parallel national events later (e.g., the Iran-Contra affair).

Equally illuminating are Walter’s privately delivered communications, e.g., a letter to his wife made public by their son, Robert; his letters (& personal advice) to Frank, made public here for the first time [shortly]. Even roughly told,  it’s an inspiring story, with a profound impact on  Nevada history. Another feature of the struggle that deserves more attention is the role played by certain stalwart “university women” of principle, grit & determination the autocrats hadn’t bargained on. These included  wives of Richardson’s attorneys, friends from a local square dance group, and Plum Lane neighbors–most notably the indomitable Edda Houghton, stalwart of Reno arts (& wife of Sam, a state legislator).

These were people who understood what was at stake in the struggle. The fact that “the good guys won” in the end was to everyone’s benefit, even, ironically, ostensible villains, reverse of what happens in The Ox-Bow, where everyone loses. Like his narrator in the last chapter of that great book, Walter knew what it took to make the difference; but unlike his narrator, he acted accordingly, in a timely way, joined by others.]
Inverse von Neumann Wing for Games, Market models, & Adventures in understanding: At, there are both POSTS & PAGES,dealing with games, game theory & applications, our models & game-forms (including, eventually, those patented by Land of Enchantment Game Company & Mapa Systems).

Our newest addition (& already in dire need of improvement) is for the wild & wacky world seen through the multiply warped lenses of The M T Mirror Times Mirror & its media affiliates (KNUMb radio, The Port Hole Sun, etc.), & other members of the Insular Pensinsula Independent Press Association, who remind us how rare sanity-lucidity-&-good writing are, at least here.

As the only Repository of IPIPA stuff we know of, we’d like you to buy the fiction that “we don’t make the news, just report it,” but we’re too honest, if only out of necessity, being so transparent. Besides, a lot depends on what’s meant by make, it, & we.

The we who’s putting these words & descriptions up right now, for example, namely the Bod L-O-L (“Library-On-Line“)’s legendary assistant associate flunky in charge of putting up stuff, must himself put up with material that is less than contemporary mainstream prime-time standards might warrant, with no one but himself to blame, also being the writer.

In the absence of wiser heads, Yours Crudely also serves as Acting Editor, recalling the old dictum, that writer is a fool who has himself (&/or herself) as an editot (a contraction of editor & idiot). “Get it up, young, flunkies, get it up,” he urges his fingers, on the basis of the corollary, once it’s up, you can adjust, improve, correct, delete & retract, not necessarily in that order, but at least you’ve got something to work with. Try doing that with what’s written in sand & water, as Omar Kayak advised, or in the beard hair with Alan Chinsburger, or with your finger on Lucy’s back.

“Get it up,” by the way, has even been misattributed to the Athenian tailor, Euripedes Pantz. A far better translation would be “Pull them up,” referring to pants, shorts, skirts, socks, or boot-straps. In fact , the principle goes back much further, along with the  when the it was a man’s pen (or a woman’s in a pinch), and the shield read “Pen is power.”

As it says on the urn with Bent Franklin’s ashes, “What goes around comes around,” which Poor Ricardo’s Amaniak had rendered, “Turn around a lot if you want to see what’s coming.” That surely applies to Homer’s O-Dizzy, the head spinning saga inside our Traveling Bard-in-residence’s Mind-in-absentia, the serialized semi-documentary account of Leopoldo “Buddy” Bloom’s epic journey through The Mirror Times Mirror Building’s World-in-a-Nutshell Exhibit, in search of a portal to home & his honey, from morgue to library to….

“Multiply forked & thoroughly worm-holed!” —The M T Review

Chance (however slim) suggests the possibility of long-shots, including the remote one that IPIPA’s wavy mirrors on the world of the Dang Ling Inn Peninsula will reveal something worthwhile to us about ours, some mirrors turning into windows opening out to the Alice Gardens…, where Alice Lovely reigns amidst blooms.
While you’re out there, somewhere between Ridiculous & Sublime, check out our NETWORK ASSOCIATE SITES, starting with our sometimes resident birdbrain’ –who’s no longer limited to Waikiki.


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